03:43:18Z CIA-9: 03victortey * r14384 10/tags/2.0.2: Create tag for release 2.0.2
 03:47:08Z CIA-9: 03victortey * r14385 10/tags/2.0.2:
 03:50:17Z CIA-9: 03victortey * r14386 10/tags/2.0.2: Create tag for release 2.0.2
 06:49:38Z ahocevar: aaime1: may I follow up on our trivia tradition?
 06:55:26Z aaime: ahocevar, sure
 06:55:54Z ahocevar: aaime: thanks. I have problems with RESTconfig and PUT to /layers/<l>
 06:56:11Z aaime: so you want to modify an existing layer?
 06:56:11Z ahocevar: The cURL examples show a command that sets the default style on a layer.
 06:56:23Z ahocevar: It only sends the <styles> part of the layer description.
 06:56:31Z ahocevar: But when I do this, the layer breaks.
 06:56:44Z ahocevar: With GET, I still get the full layer information.
 06:57:02Z ahocevar: But any request fails, with an exception that the layer does not have a properly configured data store.
 06:57:24Z ahocevar: Any idea what I am doing wrong here?
 06:57:34Z ahocevar: aaime: yes, I want to manage styles on the layer.
 06:57:39Z aaime: ahocevar, nope
 06:57:51Z ahocevar: Ok, and the second question:
 06:57:58Z aaime: not much of a rest config expert, but I can try it out and see where it break
 06:58:02Z ahocevar: How do I delete a style that is assigned to a layer?
 06:58:11Z aaime: do you have a ready made command line and xml for me?
 06:58:13Z ahocevar: I see no way to remove style assignments
 06:58:28Z ahocevar: aaime: yes, if you're ready to break your topp:states layer.
 06:58:38Z aaime: ahocevar, the gui is smart enough to change the layer back to a default style
 06:58:42Z aaime: I guess restconfig is not
 06:58:56Z aaime: ahocevar, I sure am, version control will restore my config ;-)
 06:59:03Z ahocevar: ah right :-)
 06:59:08Z ahocevar: ok, one sec.
 07:02:37Z ahocevar: aaime: ok, two commands: http://pastebin.com/8L53nBjd
 07:02:39Z sigq: Title: curl -u admin:geoserver -XPOST - Anonymous - 8L53nBjd - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
 07:02:43Z aaime: nice
 07:02:48Z ahocevar: one that creates a layer, and one that assigns it to topp:states.
 07:03:05Z aaime: one creates a style
 07:03:40Z ahocevar: yes, that worked well for me.
 07:05:18Z ahocevar: and after issuing the 2nd command, I get an error on GetMap: org.vfny.geoserver.wms.WmsException: Internal error
 07:05:18Z ahocevar: Internal error
 07:05:18Z ahocevar: featureType: topp:states does not have a properly configured datastore
 07:05:18Z aaime: ahocevar, aha... it seems it's setting the layer as disabled
 07:05:50Z ahocevar: mh. how can I re-enable it? The error message indicates that something is broken.
 07:06:38Z aaime: bah, misleading error message
 07:06:53Z aaime: the thing is, internally layers are disabled only if there is an issue with the data store
 07:07:05Z aaime: but the rest api call above does the same for an entirely different reason
 07:07:21Z ahocevar: but why does it disable the layer?
 07:07:37Z aaime: so the rest api scans the properties
 07:07:54Z aaime: and copies over what you provided to the original layer
 07:08:01Z aaime: attempting to just update it
 07:08:08Z aaime: works fine for all Object properties
 07:08:12Z aaime: but enabed is a primitive
 07:08:23Z aaime: there is no way to tell if it's set or not
 07:08:33Z aaime: an object can be null or have a value
 07:08:38Z aaime: a boolean can only be true or false
 07:09:01Z aaime: so as a workaround try adding <enabled>true</enabled> to your xml
 07:09:09Z ahocevar: I see. Can I consider this a bug, or do I have to add <enabled>true</enabled> to the xml payload?
 07:09:17Z ahocevar: ok, I'll try that.
 07:09:21Z ahocevar: Thanks a lot.
 07:09:23Z aaime: it is a bug, I'm suggesting a workaround for the moment
 07:09:47Z ahocevar: And for the other question, how to delete style assignments for a layer?
 07:09:58Z aaime: you don't, a layer cannot existing without a style
 07:10:03Z ahocevar: I assume I have to send the whole <styles> part to the same endpoint.
 07:10:11Z aaime: so you first reassign it to a different style
 07:10:12Z ahocevar: but it has a defaultStyle.
 07:10:25Z ahocevar: I'm talking about additional styles, not the defaultStyle.
 07:10:34Z aaime: aah
 07:10:47Z aaime: I guess an empty styles may work
 07:10:50Z aaime: or it may not
 07:11:02Z aaime: sorry, rest config it's Justin's work, I don't know much about it
 07:11:13Z ahocevar: ok, I'll try. The reason it didn't work was for exactly the same reason that I have a workaround for now.
 07:11:16Z ahocevar: thanks.
 07:11:41Z aaime: if that does not work let's play the same game, you give me requests and I try them out
 07:11:44Z aaime: and diagnose
 07:11:53Z ahocevar: cool, thanks a lot.
 07:20:52Z dbb: hi ahocevar - I have not read the whole thread here.. butI can say that we found problems with the layer setting via REST, too
 07:21:15Z dbb: I think deleting an existing layer entirely off disk before setting a new one helped
 07:21:36Z dbb: but I have not gone back into it since writing a note to the geoserver-user list the other day
 07:22:02Z ahocevar: dbb: Thanks for the hint. I'll report to the list when I got it working.
 07:22:03Z dbb: ak - deleting the style, not the layer
 07:22:23Z ahocevar: dbb: ok, got it. thanks.
 07:22:25Z dbb: (late here in California)
 07:22:30Z dbb: ok
 07:24:28Z aaime: ahocevar, http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOS-3964
 07:24:37Z sigq: Title: [#GEOS-3964] REST config PUT property update does not work properly for primitive properties - jira.codehaus.org (at jira.codehaus.org)
 07:26:33Z ahocevar: aaime: thanks a lot.
 07:26:37Z ahocevar: and the workaround works!
 07:26:49Z aaime: cool
 07:53:24Z whatnick: hi aaime
 07:53:28Z aaime: hi
 07:53:31Z whatnick: how is the geoserver world
 07:53:39Z aaime: chugging along :-)
 07:53:55Z aaime: we just added wms cascading support on trunk
 07:54:00Z whatnick: i saw some chat on the list regarding user management .. were there any serious demands ?
 07:54:05Z whatnick: aaime: nice !!
 07:54:24Z aaime: whatnick, nope, no serious ones
 07:54:56Z whatnick: is still wrangling with boss re user management extension
 07:55:07Z whatnick: he is visiting the client this week ...
 07:55:31Z aaime: what about monitoring? (aka google analitics for geoserver?)
 07:57:27Z whatnick: aaime: here is the client -> http://www.landmark.com.au/news-and-media/alliance_on_satellites_for_agricu...
 07:57:29Z sigq: Title: Landmark - News & Media - AuctionsPlus latest newsletter (at www.landmark.com.au)
 07:57:42Z whatnick: well ... that would be useful too ..
 07:58:01Z whatnick: will need to be linked to users .. so basically access control with logging :D
 07:58:08Z aaime: yeah
 07:58:40Z aaime: doh, is this advisory for farmers?
 07:58:58Z whatnick: yep :D
 07:58:59Z aaime: In Italy that kind of info is managed by the state and free to use (or dirty cheap afaik)
 07:59:22Z whatnick: well the state in australia does not have a clue about satellites
 07:59:28Z aaime: this looks like privately owned
 07:59:41Z whatnick: it is owned by the australian wheat board
 07:59:48Z aaime: I see
 08:00:24Z whatnick: dirty cheap is a few cents per hectare which adds up to fair bit (australia is huuuge)
 08:00:56Z aaime: I meant a fixed rate annual susbcription
 08:01:32Z aaime: but they don't do satellite past what meteosat provides, they have a huge network of on the ground wheather stations geared towards agricolutral needs instead
 08:01:39Z whatnick: yep ..
 08:01:49Z aaime: some region have 500 of them (and an italian region is not big)
 08:02:08Z aaime: collecting rain, humidity, temperatures, solar radiation and whatnot
 08:02:14Z whatnick: we are providing rapideye,landsat,dmc,liss,spot etc. with vegetation NDVI
 08:02:14Z aaime: every hour or every 10 minutes
 08:02:38Z whatnick: ya the weather data is free ... from BOM .. this is crop health ..
 08:02:59Z jgarnett: :-)
 08:02:59Z aaime: and then from that they run simulation models for common illenesses
 08:03:10Z whatnick: ah ...
 08:03:11Z aaime: to that people know when it's time to water, or to spray certain chemicals
 08:03:23Z whatnick: well simulation risk can be run
 08:03:26Z whatnick: hey jgarnett
 08:03:27Z jgarnett: water in australia? we wish
 08:03:43Z aaime: yeah, in Italy that thing is big for wineries
 08:03:53Z jgarnett: aaime; on udig-devel there is a screen snap to die for - command completion cql with the full function list
 08:03:58Z aaime: and other specialized farming
 08:04:05Z aaime: jgarnett, very nice
 08:04:55Z aaime: biggest wineries have their own weather stations inside their grape fields so that they have precise knowledge about _theri_ micro-climate
 08:05:30Z jgarnett: I love italy sometimes; that is crazy
 08:05:49Z aaime: (when you grow stuff that sells 50-100EUR a bottle it makes a lot of sense to have that kind of control)
 08:07:10Z arneke: xoomcode , they occasionally pop up on the osgeo lists, also work for individual farmers or small groups of farmers in argentina... if I understood them correctly at FOSS4G
 08:07:33Z whatnick: nice ..
 08:07:53Z whatnick: ya microclimate stations are coming into fashion in australia as well
 08:08:22Z arneke: "hot and dry" , just need a macro to change the date in the PDF ;)
 08:08:50Z jgarnett: could be more lucritive then installing insulation in australia
 08:08:54Z jgarnett: and they would never catch on
 08:09:23Z whatnick: the microclimate stations are $700 each
 08:09:37Z whatnick: runs off solar and uses WPN with zigbee ..
 08:09:53Z aaime: oh, not the ones they sell around here, at least the ones I've see where more 20k EUR
 08:10:11Z whatnick: wow ..
 08:10:21Z whatnick: points and cries over priced !!
 08:10:40Z jgarnett: in australia they will sell you an old bootlace for only $550; if it is wet it is raining; if it is stiff it is frozen; if it is missing there are birds about.
 08:10:54Z arneke: :)
 08:11:11Z arneke: and a webcam = remote sensor
 08:11:36Z whatnick: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8311
 08:11:38Z sigq: Title: SparkFun Electronics - USB Weather Board (at www.sparkfun.com)
 08:17:00Z aaime: whatnick, we're talking entirely different stuff
 08:17:20Z aaime: http://www.mtx.it/
 08:17:21Z sigq: Title: MTX s.r.l. (at www.mtx.it)
 08:18:02Z aaime: they do precision sensors that are bigger than that boards (each one of them)
 08:18:21Z aaime: the whole station needs a concrete base (like a foundation)
 08:18:31Z aaime: and is usually monted on a 10-20 m pole
 08:18:37Z aaime: (mounted)
 08:19:19Z arneke: here they've stopped deploying those big ones,,, only use them at a few locations where they actually measure precipitation
 08:23:01Z jgarnett: hey victor is communicating today :-) 50 test failures....
 08:26:21Z whatnick: :)
 08:27:04Z whatnick: aaime: point precision is BOM's arena (Bureau of Meteorology) I beileve is precision via oversampling
 08:27:32Z whatnick: cheap denser networks are better than isolated high precision ones
 08:27:49Z whatnick: anyway that's just my way of thinking
 08:28:09Z aaime: afaik around here they have to be certified to be considered valid
 08:28:15Z aaime: and cheap ones are not
 08:33:05Z aaime: when I worked on that we had a station every 50km or so
 08:33:30Z aaime: what I did was to build a software that was double checking the data coming from all the stations, cross referencing them
 08:33:40Z aaime: to make sure sensors were not malfunctioning
 08:45:40Z arneke: aaime: superJustin LOL :D
 08:45:45Z aaime: he he
 08:46:10Z aaime: I forgot to change the logo with the GeoServer one
 08:46:15Z aaime: oh well, next time ;-)
 08:46:50Z arneke: it should be Justin's new email signature
 08:47:04Z aaime: ha ha!
 10:32:08Z antodang100: hi!
 10:32:17Z antodang100: i need advice from a geoext user
 10:32:23Z antodang100: pls pm me
 10:33:11Z arneke: you should probably ask straight in the #geoext channel
 10:34:42Z antodang100: oki
 10:34:45Z antodang100: thx
 13:06:14Z whatnick: is back from mobile monday
 13:06:36Z whatnick: adelaide angel finance folks were talking about how risk averse australia is ..
 13:06:42Z whatnick: no surprises there
 13:15:33Z CIA-9: 03aaime * r14387 10/branches/2.0.x/src/wms/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs): [GEOS-3965] KML Icon back references to the styles directory do not work properly when GeoServer is being proxied
 13:16:30Z Boohemian: morning
 13:16:35Z Boohemian: how's it going whatnick ?
 13:17:19Z whatnick: not too bad Boohemian
 13:17:29Z whatnick: you were working on 3d ?
 13:17:31Z whatnick: yes ?
 13:17:37Z Boohemian: what's that? :)
 13:17:42Z Boohemian: i'm trying to get maps on my website
 13:17:56Z Boohemian: so i'm new to all this
 13:18:59Z whatnick: ah well .. wrong person ..
 13:19:16Z whatnick: if you want maps on your website shortest path in opensource is openlayers
 13:19:18Z Boohemian: i really like the interface of geoserver; much nicer than mapserver
 13:19:29Z Boohemian: yeah i'm going to use openlayers, geoserver and postgis
 13:19:32Z whatnick: http://openlayers.org/
 13:19:33Z sigq: Title: OpenLayers: Home (at openlayers.org)
 13:19:38Z Boohemian: just not sure what the next step is... i've installed geoserver
 13:19:43Z Boohemian: and postgis
 13:19:59Z whatnick: install openlayers on your website and hook it up to openlayers
 13:20:07Z whatnick: and hook up geoserver to postgis
 13:20:09Z whatnick: done !!
 13:21:42Z Boohemian: hehe, and then the fun begins
 13:21:51Z Boohemian: do you know a doc that explains how to hook openlayers to geoserver?
 13:22:29Z Boohemian: geoserver to postgis is just going to the web admin panel and telling geoserver where postgis lies on the system?
 13:23:09Z whatnick: yep pointing not to folder
 13:23:21Z whatnick: geoserver connects via tcp/ip to postgis
 13:23:31Z whatnick: postgreSQL specifically
 13:23:48Z whatnick: so you have to specify ip/port/user/password/database/table
 13:24:41Z Boohemian: i see, and how do i find that out?
 13:25:36Z CIA-9: 03aaime * r14388 10/trunk/src/wms/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs): [GEOS-3965] KML Icon back references to the styles directory do not work properly when GeoServer is being proxied
 13:27:23Z whatnick: if it is on your localhost the ip is localhost ..
 13:27:33Z Boohemian: oh
 13:27:34Z Boohemian: hehe
 13:27:40Z whatnick: http://geoserver.org/display/GEOSDOC/PostGIS+DataStore
 13:27:41Z sigq: Title: PostGIS DataStore - GeoServer (at geoserver.org)
 13:27:50Z Boohemian: whatnick: i just downloaded openlayers; is there a doc that explains how to set it up with geoserver?
 13:29:11Z whatnick: read here -> http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions
 13:29:13Z sigq: Title: FrequentlyAskedQuestions - OpenLayers - Trac (at trac.openlayers.org)
 13:29:26Z whatnick: it is not about setting up with geoserver but against a WMS
 13:29:32Z Boohemian: ok
 13:37:09Z arneke: If you go to layer preview you'll find automatically configured OpenLayers clients,,, you can do "view source" in your browser and copy that to your webpage
 14:33:58Z CIA-9: 03simboss * r14389 10/trunk/src/wcs/src/main/java/org/vfny/geoserver/util/WCSUtils.java: fixing build
 16:03:09Z bmmpxf: aaime: UOM! Super awesome!
 16:03:18Z aaime: :-)
 16:03:30Z aaime: 2.1 is shaping to be a nice release
 16:03:34Z bmmpxf: aaime: that is huge!
 16:03:40Z dwins: will be hooking it up in CSS soon too
 16:03:46Z aaime: dwins++
 16:03:48Z aaime: ah, btw
 16:04:03Z aaime: another nice add on that we have on 2.0.x as well is working classification/ramp functions
 16:04:23Z aaime: the ones in SE that allow you to avoid building a ton of rules to color polygons in a different way based on the att value
 16:04:30Z dwins: cool
 16:04:30Z bmmpxf: aaime: example?
 16:04:33Z aaime: I guess CSS can use them as they are
 16:04:35Z dwins: those are just filter functions right?
 16:04:39Z aaime: but maybe a nicer function
 16:04:45Z aaime: yep, they are "just" filter functions ;-)
 16:05:09Z aaime: bmmpxf, I think I'll prepare a few examples today and share them on the list
 16:05:12Z dwins: it shouldn't be too tough to make them CSS functions too
 16:05:37Z dwins: * { stroke: ramp([ATT], green, blue); }
 16:05:46Z bmmpxf: aaime: I don't think I can commit to doing a blog post on this right now, although I'd like to, but someone should.
 16:05:57Z aaime: ehh, sorta, you also have to provide values, the functions won't compute stats by themselves
 16:06:13Z aaime: bmmpxf, yeah, there is a number of features for 2.1
 16:06:17Z aaime: taht have been piling up
 16:06:21Z aaime: without a blog post
 16:06:24Z bmmpxf: aaime: are you saying as attribute A goes from 1 to 20, color from #000000 to #FFFFFF ?
 16:06:29Z aaime: the question is, shall we blog now, or wait for a beta?
 16:06:30Z bmmpxf: (just trying to figure out the ramp thing)
 16:06:33Z aaime: bmmpxf, yeah
 16:06:42Z bmmpxf: falls over
 16:06:44Z aaime: with different interpolation types, or straight classes
 16:07:04Z bmmpxf: dwins: remember when we worked on that as a hack ~2 years ago?
 16:07:08Z dwins: yep
 16:07:16Z dwins: wouldn't call it a hack though
 16:07:20Z aaime: and you can used them for widths as well
 16:07:24Z aaime: what hack?
 16:07:31Z aaime: (or whatever it was)
 16:07:49Z dwins: i had written a function plugin that did a basic color ramp in sld
 16:08:08Z aaime: I see
 16:08:09Z dwins: dunno what happened to that code though, probably lost to the ages
 16:08:41Z aaime: dwins, maybe have a look at http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOT-3001
 16:08:42Z sigq: Title: [#GEOT-3001] Interpolate function as per Symbology Encoding 1.1 - jira.codehaus.org (at jira.codehaus.org)
 16:09:37Z bmmpxf: aaime: those two things are probably my two biggest wishes in SLD to date.
 16:09:51Z bmmpxf: Well, that and ditching the XML. ;)
 16:09:54Z aaime: nice, dwins is working on my biggest wish
 16:09:56Z aaime: exactly!
 16:10:00Z aaime: getting rid of SLD :-)
 16:10:03Z bmmpxf: ha!
 16:10:38Z bmmpxf: what we need is a way to style SLD in CSS and then convert it
 16:10:41Z bmmpxf: oh wait
 16:10:43Z bmmpxf: :)
 16:10:52Z aaime: he he
 16:10:58Z dwins: the other way would be nice too
 16:10:59Z aaime: needs to find the time to give the css plugin another go
 16:11:09Z dwins: but that is a bit tougher than adding a ramp function
 16:11:19Z aaime: wants a time machine... or maybe just a "stop time" button
 16:12:06Z aaime: (pills to stop sleeping without adverse consequences would be fine as well)
 16:13:04Z dwins: just turn up the brightness on your monitor: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/05/13/sleep.gadgets.ipad/index.html?hpt=C1
 16:13:05Z sigq: Title: Trouble sleeping? Maybe it's your iPad - CNN.com (at edition.cnn.com)
 16:13:21Z aaime: doh!
 16:50:10Z tmcw: Is there some way that geoserver treats WFS stores differently when they're online / password protected rather than local?
 16:51:05Z tmcw: I'm getting geoserver choking on wfs input that's identical but across http / basic auth
 17:13:19Z alfonx: hi. i started to use the chart extension today. the basic example works and i am really existed to play with it. BUT.. at some zoom levels i get rendering exceptions:
 17:13:21Z alfonx: "side location conflict [ (600.0000, 350.00020023, NaN) ]"
 17:13:23Z alfonx: 1. i didn't get these exceptions before i started to use the chart extension. i have a text symbolizer and charts in parallel at the moment..
 17:13:25Z alfonx: 2. my coordinates only have two dimensions...
 17:13:27Z alfonx: 3. when i zoom further in or out its back to normal.. the problem seems to exist only at one zoom level
 17:13:29Z alfonx: i googled a bit and they talk about broken geometries. the data comes from postgis, and i ran a checkGeometry on the geometries... postgis sees no errors. any ideas how i could try to fix this?
 17:15:40Z alfonx: i just ran qgis "check geometry validity" and it finds no errors.
 17:16:21Z alfonx: i use gt 2.6.3..
 17:35:09Z aaime: alfonx, geometries can get ruined as effect of the generalization process
 17:35:33Z aaime: I have to run now, but give 2.6.4 a shot (provided that it has been deployed already... should be at the very least tagged)
 17:41:58Z alfonx: thanks a lot aaime
 17:52:31Z tmcw: So, GeoServer only uses HTTP basic authentication for the first call to getcapabilities
 17:52:44Z tmcw: shouldn't it continue using it for describefeaturetype, etc?
 18:00:46Z tmcw: Is this desired behavior or should I submit a bug report
 18:00:47Z tmcw: ?
 18:11:35Z cholmes: tmcw: I can't think of a good reason for that to be the desired behavior. Go ahead and submit a bug report
 18:11:51Z tmcw: cool, will do.
 18:12:31Z cholmes: I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but unfortunately the WFS datastore isn't that well maintained, and not a lot of people use it.
 18:13:50Z tmcw: Ha, yep… I've been slowly moving towards getting a geoserver development environment up and running, but it's a whole different world form anything else I develop
 19:07:35Z datadude: Hello, All!
 19:07:42Z datadude: Back from my little sabbatical.
 19:07:49Z datadude: How's everyone doing?
 19:13:01Z bmmpxf: waves at datadude
 19:13:49Z datadude: So, I've been away for a few weeks on work, and I've forgotten a few things. For example, where on the server my data directory is. :D Is there an easy way for me to determine that?
 19:13:58Z datadude: It's relevant to the next question that I'm going to ask, I promise.
 19:14:48Z dwins: datadude: if you moved it, you'll have either an environment variable or a servlet context parameter named 'GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR' with the path
 19:15:04Z dwins: if you didn't move it, then it's in the exploaded WAR directory
 19:15:11Z dbb: doesnt the startup msg say it?
 19:15:27Z dwins: there is that too
 19:16:32Z dbb: hi dwins - wondering about more REST python this week.. is there a 2.0.2 in the works that a non-Java dev like myself can start and run, coming ?
 19:17:01Z dwins: dbb: the release process seems to be delayed a bit (the release manager this time around got his schedule crossed up)
 19:17:06Z dwins: however!
 19:17:26Z dwins: there are nightlies available at http://gridlock.openplans.org/
 19:17:39Z datadude: dwins: I'm not sure which message you mean when you say "startup message". Do you mean the "Welcome" message?
 19:18:04Z dwins: datadude: no, I mean a message printed to the log file during startup
 19:18:16Z dbb: the reams of text that are printed to stdout on startup
 19:18:56Z dwins: dbb: you can switch to the 'production' logging profile to reduce the verbosity
 19:19:02Z dbb: ah oh
 19:19:11Z dbb: I dont know these things (yet)
 19:19:32Z dwins: well they don't really jump out at you. but skim the manual, there's some nice stuff in there
 19:19:38Z dbb: the linux geeks I know all use mapserver.. ;-)
 19:19:59Z dbb: yes - manual, good ide
 19:19:59Z datadude: dwins: Pardon me for being really dumb about this, but wouldn't the log itself be in the data directory?
 19:20:46Z dwins: datadude: the log messages are duplicated in the datadir and in your servlet container's logs (if stdout logging is enabled, which it is by default)
 19:20:48Z dbb: maybe we cold just call you 'dude..
 19:20:56Z dbb: until you find your data
 19:21:01Z bmmpxf: dbb: zing
 19:21:06Z dwins: :)
 19:21:33Z datadude: dbb: When looking for textbooks, all I could find is things on Mapserver, not Geoserver. I've encountered that problem before, too, in which all my Linux Sysadmin friends tell me to just use Mapserver.
 19:22:01Z dbb: I look at their scripts.. its horribly error prone to get started.. like linux scripting itslef
 19:22:11Z dbb: fast, does lots of things..
 19:22:27Z dbb: you know, that hard core way
 19:22:28Z bmmpxf: I find that those who have a higher tolerance for editing text files on the CLI seem to perfer MapServer, and those who perfer GUI configuration seem to prefer GeoServer, although that's a crass generalization...
 19:22:51Z dbb: bmmpxf: thats me! sign me up for GeoServer :p
 19:23:01Z bmmpxf: me too
 19:23:18Z bmmpxf: luckily, you can also edit many things on the CLI too with GeoServer, so everyone wins
 19:23:32Z dbb: looks for nightlies
 19:23:54Z datadude: Well, from what I can see, it seems like they do different things. GeoServer seems to be more targeted: you can build layers, style them and serve them up using whatever you want. (I use OpenLayers). From what I could see in the MapServer book I was reading, all the stuff that you'd do in OpenLayers, like adding Zoom functions, search boxes, etc., is done in the building of the maps themselves.
 19:25:31Z datadude: So, GeoServer seems to build layers that you then use however you want, and MapServer builds complete maps. Is that correct?
 19:26:21Z dbb: ack - war files
 19:26:34Z dwins: i'm actually not familiar enough with mapserver to comment on that side
 19:26:51Z dbb: datadude: a good comparison between two complex products is maybe not an ideal chat topic
 19:27:08Z dwins: dbb: how have you installed geoserver? there is probably someplace on your system that you can just unzip the .war to run it next to your existing install
 19:27:17Z dbb: dwins: ah ok
 19:27:21Z dbb: looking...
 19:27:31Z datadude: So, here is why I was asking about the data directory. I am following the tutorial here (http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/styling/sld-cookbook/points.html) in the SLD cookbook to try and build a style based on the Point As Graphic style. My question is whether the paths for the files referenced are relative to the data directory, or how this is supposed to work in the ideal case?
 19:27:32Z sigq: Title: Points GeoServer 2.0-SNAPSHOT User Manual (at docs.geoserver.org)
 19:28:23Z datadude: dbb: I wasn't trying to start a "Fender is better than Gibson!" conversation, actually. As a real n00b, I was trying to offer up what little I've seen and get confirmation from the community as to whether I was understanding the tools correctly. Sorry for almost trolling.
 19:28:55Z dwins: datadude: relative paths there are interpreted relative to GeoServer's DATADIR/styles/ path, ie, where the styles live on disk
 19:28:58Z dwins: iirc
 19:29:18Z dwins: yeah sorry i haven't worked with mapserver enough to comment on what it's good (or not) for
 19:30:19Z bmmpxf: is happy that folks are looking at the cookbook
 19:31:52Z datadude: dwins: Yeah, I'd like to get much better at this stuff. So, I'm running a war file inside Glassfish. So, instead of putting the graphics in the data directory, I'd have to put inside the install in Glassfish - is that what you're saying?
 19:32:11Z dwins: nope
 19:32:25Z dwins: they go next to the .SLD files in your data directory, wherever that is
 19:33:37Z dwins: see, for example, the 'burg' style that comes with geoserver
 19:35:22Z datadude: So, I'm in /var/lib/geoserver_data/styles, and I notice that for each .sld, there's a corresponding .xml file. Is this part of the cookbook that I missed?
 19:35:46Z dwins: datadude: it's a detail of the geoserver configuration. you shouldn't have to deal with them directly
 19:35:49Z bmmpxf: datadude: the xml files are internal stuff that we don't need to worry about...
 19:35:57Z datadude: Also, is it wrong to create a directory here called "graphics" to stick the various graphics?
 19:36:12Z dwins: although they do mean that you can't just dump sld's into the styles/ dir to load them into geoserver
 19:36:45Z dwins: datadude: easy enough to find out :)
 19:36:55Z dwins: is pretty sure it works fine though
 19:37:33Z datadude: dwins: I was asking for a best practices sense, not whether or not this would break my Geoserver. I think that you greatly underestimate my low confidence in myself.
 19:37:50Z dwins: ah
 19:38:19Z dwins: well there's no performance implication to that directory, so if it helps you keep things straight it's probably a good idea
 19:46:31Z dbb: .. my aforementioned colleague has just processed 4000 satellite images of the gulf oil spill ...
 19:47:22Z whatnick: dbb: nice
 19:47:28Z dbb: hi whatnick
 19:47:44Z whatnick: my colleague processed some 5 modis ..
 19:47:50Z whatnick: 5/6
 19:48:11Z whatnick: dbb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVlUQ7znFIo
 19:48:13Z sigq: Title: YouTube - Gulf of Mexico oil spill satellite animation (at www.youtube.com)
 19:53:14Z dbb: hi - remmeber that "non-java dev" part ? I have a .war file sitting here.. how do I place this in my geoserver?
 19:53:52Z dwins: dbb: you already have geoserver installed? how did you install it?
 19:54:09Z whatnick: you have a servlet container e.g. tomcat ?
 19:54:10Z dbb: uhhhh its just sitting there?
 19:54:18Z dbb: nope - no tomcat
 19:54:24Z dbb: I use the start .sh
 19:54:34Z dbb: I got a pre-built package..
 19:54:40Z whatnick: then you have a jetty version
 19:54:43Z dwins: okay. so in the directory where you unzipped geoserver, you have a directory called webapps right?
 19:54:50Z dbb: ok
 19:54:53Z whatnick: i don't remember war files with it
 19:55:20Z dwins: if you unzip the .war to a directory inside webapps, then you'll have it hosted next to the geoserver you already have installed
 19:55:52Z dbb: ah oh
 19:55:59Z dbb: trying
 19:56:00Z dwins: on unix-like systems: unzip geoserver-nightly.war -d webapps/geoserver-nightly/
 19:56:10Z dbb: yes - debian 5
 20:04:25Z dbb: .
 20:04:34Z dbb: e
 20:04:45Z dwins: dbb: vi is in the other window
 20:05:24Z dbb: !
 20:05:42Z dbb: jetty just shows a .war file
 20:05:58Z dbb: I click on the link, and it says.. .war file as a file list
 20:06:00Z dbb: :-(
 20:06:16Z dwins: dbb: oh. i think maybe the nightly wars are actually wars inside of zip files
 20:06:30Z dwins: so you'll have to extract the war from the zip, and then unpack it into jetty
 20:06:33Z dbb: y - I did unzip the .zip file
 20:06:40Z dbb: I got a .war file
 20:06:48Z dbb: which I placed in a dir
 20:06:54Z dwins: the .war file is a zip archive also
 20:07:00Z dbb: ah oh uh
 20:07:24Z dwins: with a predefined directory structure that servlet containers know how to deal with
 20:07:45Z dwins: it may also work to simply put the .war file in webapps/ directly
 20:08:12Z dbb: trying
 20:09:20Z dbb: hmmm bingo
 20:09:29Z dbb: thx dwins - off for now
 20:09:42Z dwins: np
 20:14:49Z datadude: Hey, guys, I had a router failure.
 20:14:51Z datadude: I'm back, now.
 20:18:33Z datadude: So, would this be an example of a valid .SLD file? http://datadude.pastebin.com/1Aayjadd
 20:18:34Z sigq: Title: XML | (at datadude.pastebin.com)
 20:19:32Z dwins: datadude: there is a 'validate' button on the style editor form in GeoServer's admin console
 20:21:02Z datadude: Err, I am pushing the "Validate" button and nothing is happening. Does that mean this is error free?
 20:21:34Z dwins: probably so. the error message shows up in a red band at the top of the page, if there is one
 20:22:42Z datadude: Hmm , tried it out, changed a layer to use it and now I'm getting crazy errors on my test page.
 20:27:34Z dwins: datadude: crazy how? maybe you could post an example of the errors?
 20:27:54Z datadude: I'm trying to find a text version of the errors.
 20:29:07Z datadude: Every tile that should have had a marker dropped on it is returned errors.
 20:29:22Z datadude: I'm trying to figure out how to get that text into an error message that I can copy and paste.
 20:34:53Z datadude: dwins: Is this helpful? http://datadude.pastebin.com/UgAzi6u9
 20:34:54Z sigq: Title: Bash | dchand@goblin:/var/lib/geoserv - Errors from Log - UgAzi6u9 - Pastebin.com (at datadude.pastebin.com)
 20:36:41Z dwins: since java stack traces tend to be nested fairly deep, 10 lines usually isn't enough
 20:36:56Z dwins: if you go back further there should be a line like:
 20:37:29Z dwins: SomethingWentWrongException: That didn't go like it was supposed to at line 123
 20:37:52Z dwins: if you can paste from there on that's usually the relevant portion
 20:41:24Z datadude: dwins: Believe it or not, I don't know any command line text editor besides pico. How would I get that using a text editor? :D
 20:42:02Z dwins: datadude: you can just use 'tail -n 150'; that usually gets the important bit
 20:43:05Z datadude: I think that 60-61 is the line you want: http://datadude.pastebin.com/Md2sYdxr
 20:43:07Z sigq: Title: Bash | dchand@goblin:/var/lib/geoserv - Errors from Log - Md2sYdxr - Pastebin.com (at datadude.pastebin.com)
 20:44:29Z dwins: datadude: hah, that's not as useful as one might have hoped
 20:44:37Z datadude: Right
 20:45:16Z dwins: looking at your style, i am thinking you just want to get rid of that leading '/' on the graphic url
 20:47:54Z datadude: Ugh, you won't believe how retarded I am.
 20:48:01Z datadude: I need to wear my glasses all the time.
 20:48:10Z datadude: I had an underscore in the file name where I needed a hyphen.
 20:48:15Z datadude: <--- is now putting on his specs.
 20:50:40Z datadude: Wow, I am thoroughly humiliated.
 20:50:58Z datadude: I cannot believe I was troubling the channel with my stupidity due to my not wearing specs.
 21:17:59Z datadude: Next question that I hope is not so stupid (Cross-posted to #openlayers, so I apologise for the redundancy) : I have a layer built in Geoserver from a PostGIS database, and I am trying to add popups to the markers for that layer. The intention is that onMouseClick, you get a little popup that I could then style, but only for that layer. There are two things that are going wrong when I try to implement this
 21:17:59Z datadude: though. 1) I can apparently click on anything, not just a marker, and it's trying to get that info and 2) regardless of whether I click on a marker or a non-marker, the browser stalls out trying to get the information. I have left it going in a tab for over 48 hours before, and it keeps trying. http://datadude.pastebin.com/B7QJ1FLj is the code - what am I doing incorrectly?
 21:18:01Z sigq: Title: JavaScript | // This is the JS to create th - JavaScript for Calling Layers - B7QJ1FLj - Pastebin.com (at datadude.pastebin.com)